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Howard County secures land for new school in Turf Valley

Howard County secures land for new school in Turf Valley
Posted at 5:47 PM, Jul 27, 2021

ELLICOTT CITY — Howard County is building its latest elementary school in Ellicott City.

County Executive Calvin Ball announced the acquisition of land for the county’s 44th elementary school Tuesday.

The school will be at Turf Valley. It will be called the Turf Valley Elementary School.

Ball says the need for a school in the area was identified as far back as 2015. In six of the last eight years, all six schools in the northern region of the County have been above 100% capacity utilization.

"We're looking forward to the continued partnership to prepare and support our ready and successful children by ensuring that all our students and educators have the very best environment in which to thrive and become their very best selves,” said Ball.

Ball says the need for additional school capacity has been an issue for years. More than half of the county's 42 elementary schools have exceeded 100% capacity utilization and are projected to do so for the upcoming school year.