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Judge declines to move fifth Keith Davis Jr. murder trial outside of Baltimore

Posted at 5:27 PM, Jun 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-07 10:06:26-04

BALTIMORE  — Activists flocked to the Clarence Mitchell Court House on Monday to show their support for Keith Davis Jr.

A judge declined a request from the Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office to have his latest murder trial moved to another jurisdiction.

Circuit Court judge John Nugent ruled the state failed to prove that a fair trial couldn't be held in the city, despite the high level of publicity the case has received.

This will be Davis' fifth murder trial.

He's accused of fatally shooting Kevin Jones, a security guard at Pimlico Racetrack back in 2015.

Two previous trials ended in a hung jury, while the other two resulted in guilty verdicts that were later overturned on appeal.

The last guilty verdict came in March 2020, that resulted in Davis getting a 50 year prison sentence.

But in May of 2021, a judge granted Davis a new trial.

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For some, the Davis case has become a rallying cry for social justice in the city.

"We're here today. One to show people the importance of showing up in the court house," said Bilphena Yahwon, Pack the Court organizer. "We need people to know that Keith Davis Jr. is not alone that he hasn't been forgotten in this city, that we all see ourselves in Keith and that were gonna pack the court house so judges prosecutors everyone knows that whatever they attempt to do the public is watching."

Davis continues to accuse Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby of violating his constitutional rights, and having a personal vendetta against him.

He cites instances in which Mosby allegedly flipped off a Davis supporter in public, and made local media appearances in which she discussed his criminal record.

In May 2021, Davis was also charged with stabbing an inmate during a June 2020 fight in prison.

Mosby, herself is facing federal charges for perjury and making false statements on home loan applications.

His trial is set for September, while Davis is next due in court August 3.