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Keith Davis Jr. charged with attempted first-degree murder in a 2020 prison stabbing incident

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Posted at 9:25 PM, May 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-28 22:09:16-04

BALTIMORE — Keith Davis Jr. has been charged with attempted first-degree murder in a 2020 prison stabbing incident, the Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office confirmed on Friday.

According to court documents, in June 2020, Davis Jr., was released from his celled along with another inmate to serve breakfast on the tier. While under the supervision of the Tier Officer, before beginning meal service. Just prior to entering the victim's cell, documents say that Davis Jr. was walked to the lower tier wall in view of the surveillance camera, reached into his waistband and withdrew an object.

Davis then picked up the juice cups with his left hand and walked into the victim's cell.

Upon entering the cell, court documents detail that Davis Jr., threw the cups at the victim's face before attacking him with a knife-like weapon. The victim attempted to defend himself, but Davis continued the assault even as the officer ordered them to "stop fighting".

The inmate who was attacked left the incident with multiple punctures and lacerations.

In March 2020, Davis Jr. was sentenced to 50 years in prison for the killing of a security guard.

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He was convicted for shooting and killing Kevin Jones in 2015. Jones was killed in the parking lot of Pimlico Racetrack while working as a security guard for the Maryland Jockey Club.

Earlier this month, Baltimore Circuit Judge Sylvester Cox granted a new trial to Davis Jr., the Baltimore man who has been tried four times for murder and once for armed robbery, and whose case has become a rallying cry for social justice activists in the city.

Following that announcement, Davis Jr's wife, Kelly Davis issued the following statement, saying in part that she is "relieved and grateful that the courts have done the right thing in granting Keith a new trial."

"My husband is and always has been innocent," she continued. "I am now praying that Marilyn Mosby takes this opportunity to show the world the true change agent she has been hailed to be, take the lead of the court and drop all charges against Keith."

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