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Fells Point business burglarized in early morning hours

Posted at 6:59 PM, Dec 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-28 20:44:13-05

FELLS POINT — "There could have been other stores, could have been better opportunities but... It's interesting they hit up a candy shop."

It's a not so sweet burglary.

The owner of Kilwins in Fells Point says his store was broken into early this morning.

He says thieves shattered the store's glass door.

They stole the cash register and ran off.

Austin Sanchez and his wife own the chocolate and candy shop and call this break-in their first negative experience since running the shop.

Austin Sanchez says he's not letting it scare him off though.

"For me it's kinda small. Like the major thing is the annoyance of getting the door replaced and other stuff like that. The money itself is not a huge issue. It's just more of the aspect of 'alright, just got to work with a couple more variables and issues but small little problems, not going to affect us or bring us down."

Sanchez thanked officers for standing guard at the shop until he was able to get there.

He adds nearby businesses also stepped in to help offering to check their security cameras to see if they caught the thieves coming or going, as well as one neighbor offering to board up the window in his broken door for free.