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Community activist killed by police while suffering mental health crisis

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Posted at 6:44 PM, Nov 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-08 04:39:20-05

BALTIMORE — A police involved shooting left a man dead in Northwest Baltimore, now the community where it happened is speaking out about that shooting and the man who lost his life.

On the corner of West Lafayette and North Fulton Avenue is where Tyree Moorehead was shot. On that same corner there is spray paint that reads “no shoot zone," and there are more than 200 other spots throughout the city with the same message.

Tyree who started the “no shoot zone” trend, lost his life to gun violence on that very corner after he was shot down by police.

Tyree’s father, Carlton Moorehead, said he disagrees with the way police responded.

“I think it was overkill and it shouldn’t have went that far,” Carlton said.

Tyree was killed by police after being shot at more than a dozen times. This comes after he was seen attacking a woman near the corner of W. Lafayette and N. Fulton in West Baltimore.

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Cell phone video shows a portion of that attack from a bystander. Police said it happened on Sunday afternoon around 3:00 p.m.

Carlton said it was a result of him suffering from a mental health crisis.

“If they carry all situations like that with people with mental problems, we got too many people in this city with mental problems, you gone kill all of them,” Carlton said.

Tyree who was known for his message against gun violence had many people in the community like Christina Flowers saddened by the way he died.

“He’s been through his struggles as an activist in the city trying to get the message across to stop the shooting,” Flowers said.

However, on Sunday, several people in the neighborhood said they saw Tyree walking around with knives trying to attack people. When he saw a woman walking down the street, he immediately ran after her and starting attacking her before police responded and shot him to death.

“Was mental health involved, was behavioral health involved? Yes, it’s a lot of questions, it’s very sad it’s heartbreaking to a community, it’s heartbreaking to his friends and people that know him,” Flowers said.

Tyree died on that corner after being shot by police. Many people said even though this situation ended terribly, they still want to promote his message of no shooting throughout the city.

This is still an open and active investigation, and although police are still investigating family and friends believe Tyree didn’t deserve to die that way.