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Baltimore's Abell community comes together for fundraiser to support fire victims

Posted at 9:44 PM, Jun 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-23 23:16:01-04

BALTIMORE — The Abell neighborhood fires that damaged four homes and burned a pride flag shocked the entire Baltimore community, but it also brought neighbors together.

On Thursday, there was a massive showing of support for the fire victims at Peabody Heights Brewery as hundreds gathered to raise money for their neighbors affected by the fire.

“We’re not afraid,” said Eddie O’ Keefe, who is the co-owner of Peabody Heights Brewery. “We’re here to support everyone.”

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A portion of food and drink sales will be donated to the victims.

Baltimore businesses also donated prizes that people won by buying raffle tickets.

The goal is to raise $5,000.

Maureen Daly, a longtime member of the Abell Community, attended the fundraiser.

She said the outpouring of support did not catch her by surprise.

Daly said solidarity is what defines the community.

“It’s a very welcoming and embracing neighborhood,” she said.

O’ Keefe said if $10,000 is raised, he will dress up like Guy Fieri. Tag him in a social media post and ask him to match the donation.