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Baltimore Police officer shot twice in the head receiving an outpour of support from the community

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Posted at 5:56 PM, Dec 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-21 15:15:50-05

BALTIMORE — It’s been four days since Baltimore Police officer Keona Holley was ambushed in the area where she was working.

Police have since arrested the two men they believe are responsible for her shooting but now people in the community are going the extra mile to show support to her family.

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Last Thursday morning the entire city of Baltimore was shocked after learning about Officer Keona Holley who was shot several times while working overnight in the southern district. She was shot twice in the head, once in the hand and the leg. Since the ambush, Officer Holley has gone through surgery and she’s been at Shock Trauma fighting for her life.

Holley is still in serious condition but her vitals are stable while she’s fighting to recover.

On Friday, police arrested the two men who they believe shot Holley, 31-year old Elliot Knox and 32-year-old Travon Shaw.

Both are facing a host of felony charges including attempting to kill a police officer.

Dana Potter, who a supervisor at the Baltimore Police Education and Training Academy says when Holley was a student at the academy, she was the instructor in one of her introduction classes.

Now Potter along with others who know and love Holley said while she’s fighting for her life, they’re fighting to make sure her family feels supported during this time. That’s why they creating a fundraiser to donate to her loved ones.

“I initially said a goal of $1,000 like it would be a nice gift to provide that family to use for whatever they need. We surpassed that goal so quickly that I was like you know what we’re just going to try to get what we can get for her. We don’t know how long her recovery is going to be and how that’s going to impact her ability to pay her bills to support her kids. So we don’t have a cutoff date we’ll except donations as long as people are willing to give them,” Potter said.

Organizers said so far they’ve collected more than $4,000 they plan to present the family with. And instead of it being a quick fundraiser they plan to continue collecting donations as long as Holley needs the support.

If you would like to donate click here to support.