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Baltimore County sergeant stripped of police powers in connection with abducted little girls

Posted at 5:12 PM, Nov 17, 2021

BALTIMORE — Baltimore County Police stripped Sergeant Tia Bynum of her police powers after her suspected connection with an active child abduction case.

Police made the call Tuesday after police say they pinged Robert Vicosa’s phone locating it at her home in Pennsylvania.

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Bynum and Vicosa worked together at Baltimore County Police Department and were close friends before he was fired back in august according to police.

They say Vicosa abducted his daughters 6-year-old Aaminah and 7-year-old Gianna Vicosa from their home Monday.

They say the former officer held their mom at gunpoint and stole her car.

According to police the car was found submerged in water in Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, a Pennsylvania woman told police Vicosa also held her at gun point stealing her silver Volkswagon Jetta.

That car was later found abandoned but Vicosa’s phone was pinged again at Tia Bynum’s home who is under investigation as we speak.

Police haven’t identified Bynum as a suspect or victim

"The ping came back to Tia’s house. Investigators immediately go to Tia’s house. She’s there. They talk to her. She was, we would say less than forth coming with all of the information that we needed. She did take the interview. We did not search her house at that point. We were not granted that consent,” said Lt Ken Schollenberger with the York Area Regional Police Department.

Police say when they went back to Bynum's home with a search warrant in hand to learn Tia Bynum was gone.

The girls are still missing and her car is missing along with Robert Vicosa.

So far we know Bynum has been an officer with Baltimore County since 2007.

In the meantime, police are asking folks to be on a lookout for a black 2013 Lexus Infinity with license plate KPK2076.

Vicosa as he’s facing felony charges is considered armed and dangerous and police say anyone who assists him will also face charges.

We’ll provide any updates as soon as they’re made available.