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Attorney releases CCTV photos of July's deadly encounter between driver and squeegee worker

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Posted at 4:48 PM, Nov 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-17 07:48:10-05

BALTIMORE — New photos released Tuesday are shedding some light on the deadly shooting between a driver and a squeegee worker in downtown Baltimore.

Its the second time in the past 2 days we're getting new details on the case involving Timothy Reynolds and the 14-year-old suspect.

Reynold's family attorney Thiru Vignarajah shared security camera photos that prompted a grand jury to indict the teen of first degree murder.

Its both pain and heartbreak on both ends stemming from the July killing of 48-year-old Timothy Reynolds.

"We are devastated, my family is devastated. I have a daughter who's 8 and my two step-children who are all missing their family terribly," said Shannon Reynolds, the victim's wife Monday.

Its anguish felt by the teen's mother watching this case unsure if he'll be tried as a minor or an adult in court.

"I can't even tell you where I am mentally right now. Its just hard. They just snatched my son. I dont even know whats going on. I don't know," shared Aijah Gatson the teen's mother.

Thiru Vignarajah hopes photos reviewed by prosecutors paint a picture of first-degree murder, while attorneys defending the teen thinks they'll support the manslaughter charge proposed in the plea deal agreed to by Baltimore's States Attorney office.

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"To pretend this was manslaughter, to pretend the victim was some perpetrator, to claim publicly repeatedly that the defendant was driving intoxicated was not just false, it was irresponsible," said Vignarajah.

"It's not second-degree murder," said Attorney Warren Brown. "It's at worse a manslaughter, which is an intentional killing, but there's some justification, mitigation, or excuse."

The photos show Reynold's vehicle approaching Light Street and East Conway.

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Though partially blocked by a box truck, the defendant is seen leaning on Reynolds vehicle suggesting some type of interaction.

They also show the bag with the gun inside the teen would grab to shoot Reynolds.

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"The defendant picks up the bag after realizing the victim was parked and exiting the vehicle," Vignarajah explained sharing the evidence.

The pictures don't reveal whether Reynolds struck one of the teens with the bat during the heated altercation, but defense attorneys argue they have witnesses that say he did.

"They all to this person have this man swinging a bat, 2 of them saw them actually making contact so we move from that to critiquing the reaction of a 14 year old," said Brown.

Vignarajah says it's this key component that underscores premeditation in the case.

"The victim is walking back across the street toward his car and being followed by the defendant and 2 others," Vignarajah recalled. "The defendant, now with a mask over his face retrieved the bag."

That's when he says Reynolds was hit by another squeegee worker with a brick or piece of concrete leaving a deep cut on the victim's head.

"The defendant, who is the furthest away from the victim, can be seen in the video footage shooting the victim as the victim is turning away, not swinging, not threatening anyone but turning away," Vignarajah explained.

"We've seen the evidence and we are sufficiently of the mindset that this young man was acting in at least self-defense," Brown argued.

"To send a signal to the people of Baltimore that if you're 14 or 15-years-old, you can shoot and kill people, whether it's at the Inner Harbor or at Camden Yards in cold blood and walk back out 9 months later under supervised release, that's a terrible, shameful, and unjust signal to send," said Vignarajah.

A judge will hear the case Thursday morning to determine whether the teen will be tried as a minor or an adult.