Caught on cam: Three thieves rob Catonsville pharmacy

Posted at 12:08 PM, Jul 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-12 06:54:21-04

Baltimore County police are looking for three suspects who robbed the Rehya Pharmacy on Frederick Road in Catonsville in June.

Security cameras both inside and outside of the pharmacy caught the thieves in action.

“He was like I just want the ‘percs’ so give us what we want and nobody gets hurt,” Sefiyatu Abedoh, a pharmacy technician at the pharmacy, said.

Two of the suspects went into the pharmacy while the third remained outside as a ‘lookout.’

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The suspects stole Percocet and other controlled substances before managing to get away.

“He jumped over the counter. That was when he said ‘come show me where the controlled substances are’ and I was like ‘they’re over there.’ He was like ‘no come get them for me,’” Abedoh said.

The scene played out over the store’s surveillance video, released by Baltimore County police on Monday.

“It’s unusual for a large group of people like this to go in and rob a pharmacy in the middle of the afternoon. It’s kind of brazen,” Officer Jennifer Peach, with the police department, said.

Braze is one word for it.

Abedoh calls it bold and a reason for police to increase their presence.

"We will begin to step up patrols of other area pharmacies to try and inhibit any further robberies from happening,” Peach said.

A step toward crime prevention the staff at the pharmacy isn’t easing up on either.

There’s now new security, remotely locked door entry, and there are even plans to install a glass partition to separate the staff from customers.

“I was scared. I mean I was frozen because, you know, it never happened before. I’ve heard it happening in other places, but that was my first live incident,” Abedoh said.

If you recognize the men in the video, call Baltimore County police.