Man facing 95 years after robbing eldery couple

Posted at 10:55 PM, Aug 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-31 22:55:58-04

A southeast Baltimore man is facing 95 years in prison following a 2016 armed home invasion of an elderly couple in Patterson Park.

According to court records, on the evening of May 4, 2016 John and Rosalie Sellman were returning home from an evening out at dinner.  As the two approached their front door, a suspect  later identified as the Darrell Johns  walked quickly up behind them and pushed the elderly couple into the living room of their home.

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Once inside the home, Johns displayed a long barrel revolver and demanded money.  Mr.Sellman gave Johns his wallet, and Mrs. Sellman gave Johns her flip phone and $100 that she had on her person.  Then, Johns demanded more money and asked, "Where is the safe?" 

Mrs. Sellman told Johns that there was no safe.  Johns then pointed the gun at Mr. Sellman and stated "I'm going to kill your wife." Again, Mrs. Sellman said, "There is no more money."  Johns then turned around and fled the home through the front door.

Investigators later recovered surveillance video of Johns using the victims' credit cards. Cellphone records revealed that Johns had called several associates and family members from the stolen flip phone.

Johns faces 95 years in prison for his crimes. He is scheduled for sentencing November 14, 2017.