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City Police release video of Inner Harbor weekend incident that led to arrest of six juveniles

Posted at 6:55 PM, May 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-30 09:12:39-04

BALTIMORE — We have a clearer picture of what happened at the Inner harbor during a series of fights on Saturday Night.

Baltimore City Police released an edited video showing some wide views and body warn camera footage from officers on the ground.

At Taxpayers night with the Baltimore City Council, the public discussion was about the proposed $2.9 billion budget, but many people spent their three minutes talking about the chaos Saturday night, pointing to ways the budget should be used to lift up the people of this city from what happened over the weekend and the violence that we see everyday.

Police released is a compilation of body warn camera officer camera and CitiWatch camera footage showing Saturday's chaotic downtown.

It doesn't show the whole picture, but you can see crowds of young people fighting, getting on top of cars, and running between traffic.

The video ends with a man, who was walking down the street, being kicked in the head by someone standing on a ledge.

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Councilman Eric Costello represents the 11th District that includes the Inner Harbor area.

He was the first official to report the incident on Saturday night.

“I have seen the video footage,” Costello said. “It’s extremely disappointing to say the least. The level of violence that occurred down in the harbor, it underscores that we need to be doing things to ensure that we have good opportunities for our youth. The behavior that I saw on that video is completely unacceptable.”

Here are some of the things people were saying as they addressed council members on Wednesday night.

“If more money was allocated to the Baltimore City Schools we would have the necessary tools and resources to help us evolve into leaders we need to be for our communities and city,” A high school student said.

“What happened the other day was horrible, those businesses in the Inner Harbor create jobs for lots of people,” a woman said.

“We sent how many police? I ain’t even going to go there. Y’all know that police budget is wrong. Anybody with a brain knows that budget is wrong, especially when you don’t invest in our young people,” said one man.

“I didn’t like it. I thank God that those white cops restrained themselves. Because the only thing I could see was them shooting our kids,” a man said.

After police released the video around 6 p.m. Wednesday they weren’t available for comment.


On May 25, city officers were called for the large group of juveniles at around 6:30 p.m., following reports of several fights breaking out at the Inner Harbor. Although police did not receive reports of injuries, officers arrested six juveniles on charges related to destruction of property, disorderly conduct, robbery, and assault.

Baltimore's Fraternal Order of Police Union President, Mike Mancuso went to Twitter and called the situation dangerous for police and unaware citizens. This incident led him to issue a warning to officers responding at the Inner Harbor.

Since the disturbance, City Police have responded with increased area patrols involving juvenile crime.