A week-by-week look at Maryland unemployment claims in the age of COVID-19

Posted at 10:22 AM, Jun 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-25 11:07:46-04

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Maryland is slowly but surely progressing in the fight against COVID-19. Many businesses have reopened as the state is now in stage two of its roadmap to recovery.

Unemployment claims though continue to be up and down. When the coronavirus outbreak first began, new claims sky rocketed for the first several weeks, before experiencing its first decline in numbers.

At times there has been as many as four straight weeks of downward trends, but then a week pops up where numbers rise again.

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The extraordinary amount of claims forced the Maryland Department of Labor to expand their hours and increase staff. A one-stop online dashboard was implemented to streamline new claims, however that too ran into several road blocks causing massive delays and backlogs. Many weren't even able to get through and file. Those problems have since been taken care of for the most part, as the Labor Department reports over 90 percent of claims have been processed.

Since March 8 -- 846,904 Maryland residents have filed new claims. Keep in mind only 446,883 claims were filed in the years 2018 and 2019 combined. Still despite the pandemic, Maryland's unemployment rate stands at more than 1/3 better than the national average.

Here's a look at the week by week totals and trends.

Week ending June 20

Total regular UI claims: 31,944
Total new PUA & PEUC claims: 15,857
Total: 47,801

Week ending June 13

Total regular UI claims: 22,902
Total new PUA & PEUC claims: 19,039
Total: 41,941

Week ending June 6

Total regular UI claims: 42,312
Total new PUA & PEUC claims: 11,152
Total: 53,464

Week ending May 30

Total regular UI claims: 32,030
Total new PUA & PEUC claims: 11,065
Total: 43,095

Week ending May 23

Total regular UI claims: 33,836
Total new PUA & PEUC claims: 15,127
Total: 48,963

Week ending May 16

Total regular UI claims: 34,745
Total new PUA & PEUC claims: 16,363
Total: 51,108

Week ending May 9

Total regular UI claims: 45,709
Total new PUA & PEUC claims: 20,096
Total: 65,805

Week ending May 2

Total regular UI claims: 62,076
Total new PUA & PEUC claims: 47,187
Total: 109,263

Week ending April 25

Total UI claims: 37,225

Week ending April 18

Total UI claims: 47,545

Week ending April 11

Total UI claims: 61,770

Week ending April 4

Total UI claims: 108,508

Week ending March 28

Total UI claims: 84,000

Week ending March 21

Total UI claims: 42,000