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St. Louis couple charged for pulling guns at protest

Posted at 5:38 PM, Jul 20, 2020

St. Louis’ top prosecutor has charged a white husband and wife with felony unlawful use of a weapon for displaying guns during a racial injustice protest outside their mansion. Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner announced the charges Monday against Mark and Patricia McCloskey.

Both are personal injury attorneys and in their 60s. The McCloskeys’ actions during the June 28 protest drew praise from some who said they were legally defending their $1.15 million home, but scorn from others who said they risked bloodshed.

Several hundred protesters were marching to the mayor’s home, just a few blocks away.

Mark McCloskey told CNN's Chris Cuomo that he feared for his life.

"I was a person scared for my life, protecting my wife, my home, my hearth, my livelihood, I was a victim of a mob that came through the gate. I didn’t care what color they were. I didn’t care what their motivation was. I was frightened. I was assaulted and I was in imminent fear they would run me over, kill me," he said in the CNN interview.

Video of the incident went viral as protesters clashed with the couple.