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Fire destroys building in Cockeysville during state issued Code Red Air Quality Alert

Posted at 11:18 PM, Jun 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-07 23:18:54-04

COCKEYSVILLE, Md. — A two-alarm fire broke out in a business dwelling in Cockeysville.

The fire consumed at least two businesses and quickly spread to buildings on both sides, with fire crews battling for hours to contain the spread.

“Big black pile of smoke rolling through the air; they had three towers shooting water down, and that’s what we saw," said Joe Kossek, who lives in Cockeysville.

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Before the fire happened, people were already concerned about the quality of the air since the state is under a code red.

“I was concerned about the smoke just because my mom has lung issues, so I’m concerned for her and the elderly," said Kossek.

“There is always a concern for that there is always a concern for weather, heat things of that nature," says Captain Len Stewart.

Fire officials say the smoke from this fire doesn’t have nearly the same impact on the air quality as the fires burning in Canada, which puts people at ease.

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“I kind of figured, you know, this is a very, on the scale of things this is a very small fire; the Canadian fires are covering multiple hundreds of square miles, if not thousands, I’m sure, so that’s the huge impact; that’s the one that’s dangerous, not this," said Kossek.

A good way to keep yourself protected is to stay indoors; if you must go outside, wear a N-95 mask to limit the particles you breathe in.