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Baltimore community honors the life of young mother killed in mass shooting

Posted at 10:24 PM, Feb 02, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-07 08:50:36-05

BALTIMORE — Baltimore is remembering the life of 23-year-old Maya Morton who was killed in a mass shooting over the weekend.

Her two children were also injured and still recovering.

A vigil was held Thursday night to honor her life.

She was a mom of two, a daughter, and a sister. People came together down the street from where it happened to mourn the loss and show their love.

Balloons lifted into the night sky in remembrance of Morton who was shot near the intersection of Pennsylvania and Laurens Avenue last weekend.

It was a simple drive to pick up dinner when the bullets flew into her car, later claiming her life.

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With her, were her two children, a three-year-old who was injured from the crash and a 14-month-old who was injured from a gunshot wound.

"I want people to know that they broke my family, they broke my heart and the people around her, the people who love her," said Maya’s sister Shay Morton.

Maya's sister spoke out in pain, seeking to find those who ended her sister's life.

"This killing was senseless and this killing hit home for me, and I can't speak for no other one, but like I really want justice for my little sister and I’m going to get it,” said Shay.

The shooting also claimed the life of 42-year-old Gerald Fowlkes who was standing on the sidewalk in the same area.

"Life is so valuable and from time to time we are having the vigils up here," said Julia Smoot who lives on Pennsylvania Avenue. She says vigils, like this one, are happening too often.

"Put the guns down, stop shooting one another. I understand that you have disputes and everything and disagreements, ya’ll don’t agree together but we can reconcile by talking," said Smoot, who is also a family friend of Morton.

As people bowed their heads in prayer and held their candles close, Smoot says she hopes this will bring light to people's eyes on the innocent lives that continue to be taken.

Morton's funeral will be held February 15 at Joseph H. Brown Funeral Home on N. Fulton Avenue in West Baltimore.

BPD released video of the men potentially responsible for her death.

Anyone with information is asked to call Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7LOCKUP.