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Democrat and Republican leaders standing together to reopen the Port of Baltimore

Posted at 6:48 PM, Apr 16, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-16 23:31:45-04

BALTIMORE — Showing a unified force, both democrats and republicans standing together to get federal funding to reopen the Port of Baltimore and rebuild the Key Bridge.

It's been three weeks since the collapse.

Governor Wes Moore says he has four directives he has issued to his team.

The first being closure to the families.

Along with clearing the channel and opening vessel traffic to the port to ultimately rebuild the Key Bridge.

In working toward getting the port reopened, Governor Moore says 1,100 tons of steel has been removed so far.

Stating earlier today, he went out with the Unified Command to watch preparations for the lift of the next section of the bridge that weighs around 300 tons. He says it's about the same size as a Boeing 747.

"You see here, this is the piece that we're working on removing, and when you look at the size and the enormity of what it is in terms of the operation, you see it's imperative for us to be able to accomplish the larger mission by the end of this month having that 35 foot channel open and then by the end of may being able to have the full channel open," Moore said.

So far, 40 containers have been removed from the cargo ship. Officials are looking to remove a total of 180 containers.

Moore says the road ahead is still long but the same type of expectation will go into every lift.

Finding the remaining two workers Jose Lopez, and Miguel Luna is still a top priority.

"We are determined to make sure that every single family gets closure and will do everything in our collective power to ensure that happens," says Mayor Scott.

Also making sure people who lost jobs and local businesses get support as well.

The Maryland department of labor grant program giving out thousands of dollars so far.

“As of this morning we have already awarded grants through this program totaling $525,000," says Moore.

And the governor and Mayor Scott praised state and federal leaders for working together on legislation during this crisis.