Vigil for Ellicott City victims held at Emory United Methodist Church

Posted at 10:28 PM, Aug 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-05 06:40:12-04

Dozens of people with ties to Ellicott City came to Emory United Methodist Church Thursday night to send prayers and lift spirits of those impacted.

"I thought it was awesome, and it was togetherness. It was a good experience to have. It was great to show people that we are together," Lowell Robinson of Sykesville said.

The group prayed, sung hymns and reflected on the flood, while Pastor Sam reassured his congregation.

"I think people wonder where is God,  is God bringing this on us and I think God is here to help us not to break out spirit to get us together and it's lovely seeing people getting together and helping," Pastor Sam said.

Many want to put lend a helping hand, but officials are keeping almost everyone out until the area is deemed safe. 

At the vigil, more accounts of the flooding were shared.

"There are two members here Jean and Bobby Reed were in their car when the water came up quickly they are rescued fortunately,' Reverend Martin Brooks said.

Michelle Dunn lives across the street from the church.

"Water started coming in the ceiling. Just looking out the windows you knew it wasn't a normal storm," she said.

The message at the church was be kind and help others.Clergy said they are available for anyone who needs support.

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