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Lil Laughs using laughter to combat bullying

Posted at 9:38 PM, Apr 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-05 23:29:08-04

BALTIMORE — On April Fools Day, we talked to a Baltimore funny man about an issue that’s no joke.

"Big" Fred Watkins started a non-profit called Lil Laugh’s to combat bullying in schools.

“We give kids the opportunities to express themselves artistically through creative writing, film production, standup comedy and improve, even acting," Watkins said. "We do those things with an onus anti bullying themes, de-escalation methods, relationship building and communication building techniques as well.”

For years he's used his gift of gab to combat the self-esteem issues that lead to bullying.

“Those that have been bullying often times turn into bullies. People that are bullied often times turn to gangs or other things. People that have confidence issues or aren’t necessarily introduced to ways to process experiences sometimes turn to these negative outlets as well.”

Lil Laugh’s isn’t just for kids— before the pandemic Big Fred was training teachers to use comedy in their classrooms.

He also hosts team building exercises for businesses.

With so many in-person opportunities gone because of the pandemic, Big Fred had to move a lot of the stage online.

“Comedy it opens people up to have conversations that you may not want to have," Watkins said. "Things that may be a little uncomfortable. It’s just funny watching people laugh at truth man, because it is what it is you know?”

A Baltimore born comedian who wants to see the people of the city he loves confident, funny, and happy.

To learn more or support Lil Laughs and book Big Fred click here.