Incumbent Maryland State's Attorneys in danger of losing their seats following Primaries

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Posted at 2:10 PM, Jul 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-20 14:55:28-04

BALTIMORE — Although the Primary Election has come and gone, some races have yet to be called.

Some though have been settled.

While most attention Tuesday focused on the Republican and Democratic Gubernatorial races and the Baltimore City State's Attorney's race, others were heating up.

Especially for State's Attorney in Baltimore and Harford Counties.

It appears incumbent Democratic Baltimore County State's Attorney Scott Shellenberger could lose his seat to well funded progressive challenger Robbie Leonard.

Critics have targeted Shellenberger over his handling of sexual assault cases and police involved shooting incidents.

As of this publishing, the two are separated by less than 1,000 votes which is just shy of two percentage points.

Whoever pulls it out, looks to be headed for a General Election match-up with Republican James A. Haynes who seems to have edged out Deborah Hill.

Then there is the GOP Primary battle for Harford County State's Attorney.

The Incumbent there, Albert Peisinger is also on the verge of being ousted.

Currently, he is trailing Republican challenger Alison M. Healey by nearly 9,500 votes.

Recently, Peisinger has also come under some scrutiny for his handling of police involved shooting incidents.

There is no Democratic candidate running for State's Attorney in Harford County.