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Baltimore County liquor store donates portion of profits to frontline workers, families in need

Posted at 9:51 PM, Apr 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-27 23:21:10-04

PERRY HALL, Md — Grape and Grain Wine and Spirits in Perry Hall is donating a portion of their profits to help frontline workers and families in need.

The Baltimore County liquor store, which has seen a big boost in business during the coronavirus pandemic, has donated about $1700 to the Baltimore County COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund in the past two weeks.

The store plans on donating another $1,000 this week.

"We wanted to help them with protective equipment, masks, etc," said co-owner Shawn Linthicum. "We have friends that are nurses and we feel like giving back to them is very important right now.”

The county's emergency response fund was established to help frontline workers who are dealing with a shortage of PPE. The fund will also provide food for families in need.

“I feel like we are super lucky right now," said co-owner Bruce Leslie. "We hear stories everyday. People coming in telling us they lost their job and we are super super fortunate.”

“The people here in Baltimore County are our customers and if they are not working and we are and we are in a good position to give back, it’s essential to give back," said Linthicum.

The owners say they will continue to donate to the fund for "at least the next few months". They're hoping it creates a ripple effect, where businesses doing well during the pandemic, will decide to chip in as well.