Winds destroy buildings on family farm in Frederick County

Posted at 5:33 PM, Feb 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-07 17:52:51-05

FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. — The powerful winds ripped through a Frederick County family farm and destroyed several buildings, but not their spirit.

The storm has since moved on but the damage remains and you can still see and hear how windy it is hours after it hit

The wind ripped pieces of metal siding from a barn and two silos here — scattering them all across a Monrovia farm — and one man tells us it all happened so fast — he had no time to escape and no where to go.

"It was a crazy morning, it come out of nowhere to be honest with you. It was like i heard something coming and in ten or fifteen seconds it was here," said Wayne Burall Jr. "I live in the double wide trailer over there, and I looked out, and i knew...I knew I couldn't get to the farmhouse, so I just went in, curled up in the closet and prayed to god."

Wayne Burall or Wayne Junior as his family calls him -- was one of two people on the farm at the time. He's sad to see the damage done but grateful he and no one else was hurt.

"The silo’s gone and the barn completely, my car, it ripped the door off my car. It’s sitting over there by the trailer, ripped the passenger door clean off of it looked outside, all the telephone poles snapped, i don’t know, it was crazy," Burall said.

Family members say it’s a miracle the mobile home is still standing and wasn’t taken by the wind.

This farm has been home to the Burall family for generations and while they’ve lost a few buildings on their property — Burall's daughter Amanda says they still have what matters most.

"Thankfully when i talked to my mom, the tornado had already passed through and she let me know that he was alright," said Amanda Warner. "Our family friend was staying in the farmhouse and she was ok too, so thankfully both houses are alright "

Despite the destruction to his family farm — Wayne Burall Senior is able to joke that he fired up the tractor here — in what used to be their barn — and it still runs.

"I've lived here my entire life, i’ll be 46 in a couple weeks, and i ain’t never seen anything like it," said Burall Jr.