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Who Wants a Break from the Rain?

Flash Flood Watch is up through Monday morning
Posted at 9:20 PM, Jul 07, 2019

It has rained every day since July 4... half your holiday week you were dodging raindrops. You are ready for a break, the umbrella needs a rest. Good news, drier weather is almost here. Bad news, we have to deal with the potential for flooding first. Sunday night a cold front is coming down from PA and colliding with the humid air in place now. The front isn't very strong, so the storms that pop up, don't really move. Thus, can you believe we could pick up 2 inches of rain??!!! In just 1 night! To put that in perspective, on Independence day (when you had to make a mad dash to the house around lunch time from the heavy rainfall that lasted ALL afternoon) we picked up almost 1 inch of rain. This is double that! Hopefully you are sleeping and not driving on the roads then. The rain should end around 9AM Monday and then you feel the cooler air. Ahhh, temps fall 10 degrees. We only make it to the upper 70s. The sunshine won't be out much Monday. You can get your vitamin D Tuesday and Wednesday as we remain rain free and temps rise to the upper 80s.