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Wet Weather On The Way!

Winds increase & temps drop...
Posted at 11:35 AM, Oct 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-28 11:35:05-04

The leftovers of Zeta are right on our doorstep! Models indicate that soaking rain arrives after midnight tonight from the southwest and will blanket Maryland and Delmarva through Thursday. Periods of heavy rain expected, especially around southern Maryland, so be on the lookout for pondings of water on roadways, driveways, and bridges!

Maryland and Delaware will not be the only states that deal with pouring rain... but central Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and even New Jersey will also get in on the remnants of Zeta as well. The heaviest tropical rain looks more focused around central Virginia, southern Maryland, and Delaware on Thursday afternoon.

Taking a look at regional rainfall totals, computer models are still in agreement. On average, anywhere from 1-3" of moisture is expected through Friday afternoon. Scattered instances of flooding is a possibility for areas to our southwest as rainfall totals look to be a bit higher.

When it is all said and done, around 2-3" of rain may be measured around Maryland with totals a bit higher than 3" closer to the bay. Given how dry it has been across the state of Maryland, the confidence for widespread flooding is low. There is a better chance for isolated instances of flooding around low-lying and poor drainage areas. There is a chance that a Flood Watch will be issued so we will have to monitor the spots where heavier rain sets up for an extended period of time.

Rain is not the only concern for Thursday... but wind gusts will be increasing! Wind gusts look to peak Thursday late afternoon/evening anywhere from 30-40 mph at times. Wind gusts look stronger the farther south you live, so folks along the bay and across Delmarva need to bring the Halloween decorations inside. Winds will remain elevated Friday, but won't be as strong (around 20-30 mph).

The weather pattern relaxes just in time for Halloween as the leftovers of Zeta and the frontal boundary move offshore and high pressure builds into the Mid-Atlantic region Friday late day! Winds will shift out of the north and cooler air usually builds in behind a cold temperatures will be rather chilly heading into Halloween. We are only expected to top out into the low-50s Friday and Saturday!