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Posted at 9:28 AM, Jul 06, 2021

It sure is busy in the weather department.

From Heat advisories, Air Quality Alerts, severe weather and to a tropical storm, I have you covered!

The high heat and humidity will make it feel like up to 105 degrees.

Future Temps.jpg
Dew Points.jpg

Therefore, Heat Advisories are in effect from 11am-8pm today.

Heat Advisory.jpg

I suggest something that will keep you cool for your cream!

Lunch Forecast.jpg

The air is unhealthy for sensitive groups, so if you have Asthma, other lung disease, heart disease, are elderly or a child, you should limit your outdoor exposure.

Code Orange.jpg

Staying inside shouldn't be much of an issue for many people, as temps sky rocket near the century mark by this afternoon.

Showers and storms may be a welcome sight for some, as they will cool temps down slightly and only briefly.


Some of the storms may be strong to severe. Damaging wind gusts is the main threat.

Marginal Risk.jpg

Tropical Storm Elsa may pose a threat to Maryland by Thursday.

Tropics Track 1.jpg

Right now, though, it poses a threat to Florida, as it is expected to strengthen and moves west of Key West.

Tropics 1.jpg

Hurricane Watches are up for the west coast of Florida.

Tropical Alerts.jpg

Stay tuned!