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Urban Heat Island Effect

When will we turn down the thermostat?
Posted at 12:12 PM, Jun 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-30 12:12:17-04

It felt super muggy outside this morning as wake-up temperatures were in the 70s for most! In fact, it actually felt even warmer in and around the city along with urban areas as temperatures started off in the upper-70s! However, rural areas on the outskirts of the metro felt cooler... this is a classic "Urban Heat Island Effect"! The city has many building, roads, roofs, and sidewalks that are made up of brick, asphalt, and cement, which absorb more of the Sun's solar radiation. These materials do not provide as much shade and moisture compared to natural rural landscapes. The reason why it feels cooler in more rural settings is because you'll find more plants, trees, and grass in these areas which holds more moisture. These plants, trees, and grasses will release the water vapor into the atmosphere (a process called "transpiration). This acts as a "natural air conditioner" and will help cool the atmosphere. This is why grass feels cooler on your feet compared to dark pavement on hot summer afternoons!


Heat Advisories go into effect today for the majority of the viewing area from noon - 8 PM as heat indices will be anywhere from 104-110 degrees! Air temperatures will flirt with 100 degrees, so we have the potential to tie or break the record high of 100 degrees set back in 1959. The A/C will be your best friend today but if you do not have an A/C unit, jumping in the pool will help cool you off! Find ways to stay cool and hydrated!


Here are some ways you can stay safe and beat the heat:


Relief is in sight though! A cold front will move through late Thursday into Friday--allowing temperatures to fall BELOW NORMAL by the end of the week as winds shift more northwesterly! Temperatures will only rise into the lower-80s Friday-Sunday which will feel amazing after the excessive heat that we've felt over the past few days. Change is a good thing!


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