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Tracking the Temps!

June highs so far...
Posted at 10:40 AM, Jun 12, 2021

Alright everyone...we are nearly halfway through the month of June believe it or not and we have felt some serious heat and humidity!

We started out with highs in the 80s for the first four days of the month before we felt the extreme heat begin in June 5th. We had a heat wave that lasted 5 days from June 5th-9th with temps climbing into the mid-90s for three days straight! We have had zero 70 degree days and a total of five 80 degree days so far. Friday, June 11th, was the day where we saw zero sunlight and rain lingered throughout the entire day...not only making it look dreary... but also keeping us WAY cooler than normal for this time of year. Most locations yesterday struggled to hit the low-70s and a high temperature of 69 degrees was recorded in the Baltimore Area.

It looks like temperatures will reach the 80s for the next several days! On Monday and Friday, you may have to eat your ice cream quickly as highs will be in the upper-80s!



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