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The 12th Anniversary of the historic "Snowpocalypse"

Remember this?
Posted at 9:25 AM, Dec 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-18 09:25:31-05

I know many of you remember the snowstorm that impacted the Carolinas and the Mid-Atlantic region on December 18-20th, 2009. Some refer to the event as "Snowpocalypse". Nearly 12 years ago, a low-pressure system developed in the Gulf of Mexico on Friday, December 18th and traveled just off the Carolina coast on Saturday morning, December 19th. The low-pressure system strengthened as it traveled up the eastern seaboard and there was plenty of cold air in place. This allowed for snow to begin falling before daybreak on December 19th across central Maryland and across the Eastern Shore. Heavier snow bands formed in the afternoon and evening, producing significant snowfall accumulations across the Mid-Atlantic and the Delmarva Peninsula. The snow showers continued across the Mid-Atlantic region through midnight on Sunday December 20th .


The Washington DC Airport was buried under 16.4" of snow. The Baltimore area measured up to 17" of new snow...which is the most snow Baltimore has seen in any single day in the month of December. The total snowfall depth recorded from the event at BWI was 18". Snowfall totals ranged anywhere from 20-25" from Kent county all the way up to areas in New Jersey! Anywhere from 10-20" occurred in Caroline and Talbot counties. Some mixing occurred and sleet had fallen in some spots on the Eastern Shore. Since temperatures were in the 20s when the snowstorm moved through, the type of snow that formed was light and fluffy. The combination of this type of snow and sustained winds up to 20-25 mph, resulted in blowing and drifting snow...therefore reducing visibility.

The snow quickly accumulated on the roads and visibility was very low. This made it difficult for road crews to keep up with salting/plowing the roadways. Many schools were closed on Monday December 21st due to snow covering roads and sidewalks.