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Temperatures slowly warm

Temps peak Wednesday near 80 degrees
Posted at 9:35 PM, Oct 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-04 21:38:08-04

Make way for high pressure. Clouds will begin to clear out Monday as a result leaving us with partly cloudy skies. Winds around the high pressure are clockwise, we so we get them out of the NNW. That continues to draw in cooler air... but it's not to cold. In fact temperatures will just be 1 degrees cooler than the normal 71.


The high pressure moves around some on Tuesday which switches our winds again. This time coming out of the SW and that brings temperatures above normal! Tuesday we will be around 73 and Wednesday we soar to 79. Even though we are warming up in the afternoon, the mornings are still chilly. Don't forget to grab a jacket as you head to work early in the day as we wake up near 50 degrees.


For your travel plans or relatives along the Gulf Coast, pay attention to the tropics this week. We have TS Gamma that is forecast to remain a tropical storm near the Yucatan Peninsula and then head up to LA, MS, AL, or FL. But that should be a weak system compared to Invest 92L (when it is strong enough to name, it will be Delta). As of Sunday night the system was near Jamaica. By Wednesday it should be in the Gulf of Mexico and forecast models have the storm strength between a 1 and a 4! Most models converge at being a Cat 2... but model strength is one of the weaknesses done by computers. The last few storms have gone on the stronger side. Something to watch for Friday.