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After a rainy Summer the flowers look to bloom...
Posted at 7:05 PM, Oct 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-04 07:38:10-04

Sunflower selfie seekers this is the weekend that you have been waiting for. Oh my goodness the gates to the Sunflowers of Jarrettsville are now open to the beauty, the flowers, and of course the photo ops. 

Bill Stevenson, the Marketing Coordinator for the Sunflowers says, we were gonna open on Sunday and now it's been delayed to today. As you can see there blooming it's happening. We are supposed to have a perfect weekend coming up into next week. So it's gonna be great to come to see the sunflowers out in Jarrettsville.

Every year people flock to this gorgeous destination to see what all the fuss is about. 

Stevenson says the crowds are always overwhelming. They come from up and down the East Coast. We've had people stop and say they've come from New York, DC, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania. It's thousands and of people that come to see the sunflowers and in the end, they support the mission."

Of course, it's all about the flowers which look absolutely stunning this year despite being replanted after a very wet summer which leads to flooded fields and rotted seeds during much of the month of July. 

Nancy Rose, the farmer behind the Sunflowers in Jarrettsville says, the perfect sunflower is the one that looks like a happy little face standing out there in the field.

Picture after picture and even a proposal or two amidst all of that yellow. And yet again Nancy Rose and her crew are at it again with another special bloom which looks to create a whole array of new memories for the young and old alike. 

Rose says, "People just love it they will bring all kinds of props which is kind of tickling to us that they will carry ladders, wagons with pumpkins to get the perfect picture."

Besides the flowers, the donations raised to view them will go to local charities and businesses within the community.

Stevenson says, "A 100% of those proceeds go to the mission project that is the sunflowers in Jarrettsville. And then when the sunflowers are done blooming and the season is over everybody from local churches sit down decide where there is need whether it's local and beyond and that's where the money goes."

So come on out support the cause and of course snap a great picture for that profile page. The field is right off US-23 Norrisville Road in Jarrettsville. Viewing times can be found on the Sunflowers of Jarrettsville FACEBOOK page along with many of the other local businesses that have plenty to offer during this great agricultural event.