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Stay CALMond...

Cold front crossing expected...
Posted at 11:46 AM, Feb 16, 2022

Today is National Almond Day! Today, we celebrate the wonderful benefits and uses of almonds! Do you like almonds?

We are also celebrating the sunshine and the above normal warmth today! Temperatures will climb into the low to mid-50s thanks to southerly winds, gusting up to 30 mph at times. Grab the jacket and sunglasses before heading outside to eat some almonds! Take advantage of the tranquil weather today because changes are on the horizon...


A cold front will be pushing eastward from the Great Lakes region, bringing the potential for localized heavy rain and strong gusty winds Thursday night - Friday morning. Models indicate that the rain will arrive to central Maryland near midnight from west to east. During this time, winds will be at their peak, up to 45 mph at times.


In addition to the gusty winds, locally heavy rainfall will be possible. Projected rainfall totals may be anywhere from .25-.50" by Friday morning. Expect to see some pondings on roadways for your commute. You will certainly need the rain gear with you!