The bright light passes through Maryland skies...

BALTIMORE - BALTIMORE - The dry air has returned across Central Maryland but so have clouds will cool conditions. Even with the cloud cover many locations will have ample opportunity to look up into the the mysterious sky above for stars, planets, and yes the International Space Station as it flies on by. Can you "Spot The Station"?

Well tonight is your night along with Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening as the Space Station is expected to pass right over Maryland. This evening the station will fly by for 4 mins starting at 9:28pm moving north northwest to east southeast in the sky. Viewing conditions look okay with scattered clouds across the area. The next viewing time will be for 3 mins Thursday evening starting at 10:11pm. Once again the Space Station will be flying directly overhead but the view looks to be better with high pressure parked over top of the area. Happy hunting, and remember to wave!

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