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Seasonal Temps Return Monday

Temps jump up 5 degrees
Posted at 11:29 PM, Jul 18, 2021

The cold front that brought us the first day of below average temps in a week is long gone. Waking up Monday, it is pleasant, although a tad muggy. Mostly cloudy skies to start but if you have kids at home for summer break, they may still want to eat breakfast on the patio. Waffles will taste amazing with temps in the low 70s and more sunshine by the hour.


Keeping up with the kids in mind, the playground will be best to go to in the morning. It's not as hot as last week when the slide and swings could cause a burn, but still hot. Already around noon it will be 89, and that may be too hot for a picnic with toddlers. Temperatures stay seasonal all week.