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Reflecting on Previous MLK Days

Milder temps this year compared to past 5 years...
Posted at 10:36 AM, Jan 16, 2021

Taking a quick glance at the previous 5 years where we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day, you'll notice that the last three years, temperatures were below average and didn't even make it into the 40s. January 16th, 2017 was the last time temperatures topped out in the lower-40s at BWI with just a trace of precipitation. Overall, we have seen little to no precipitation on this holiday over the past 5 years and it looks like we will keep that pattern going this year as well.

On Monday, there will be plenty of dry time during the day with high temperatures climbing slightly above normal, into the low to mid-40s. There will be some sunshine during the morning and afternoon hours. Northwest winds will be gusty though, anywhere from 25-30 mph at times through the afternoon, which will make it feel more like the low to mid-30s. You will definitely need the coat for your afternoon walk/run as those breezy winds will add an element of chill in the air!