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Rain nearly every weekend

This year has not been kind to the weekend plans...
Posted at 12:10 PM, May 13, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-13 12:10:31-04

BALTIMORE — This year it seems like we have seen rain almost every weekend and you know what, you're pretty much spot on!

Out of the 19 weekends so far this year, 14 of them have seen rain on at least one day. Be it Saturday or Sunday, BWI has seen at least 0.01" of measurable rainfall (NWS standard for rain).

All but five weekends have been completely dry with each month having one weekend, except for April which had two consecutive weekends of no rain.

Out of the 14 rainy weekends, we saw four that recorded more than 0.01" of rain on both days. The first two weekends of May has seen both record some rain on Saturday and Sunday.

If we expand the weekend to include Friday, well 18 out of the 19 weekends have seen measurable rainfall this year making it seem like 2024 is just against us having fun weekends.

The good thing is that while we may be seeing rainfall during our weekends, our yearly precipitation is still above average since January 1st. This is great in terms of drought avoidance and those gross brown lawns in the early summer months.