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Outside: 80 degrees = Inside a car: 123 degrees

80 degrees at 8AM the next 3 days
Posted at 12:02 AM, Jun 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-28 00:02:40-04

Dangerous heat is here. In case you were wondering if you could leave your pet or kids in the car while you dropped off a package or picked up your dry cleaning... don't do it. In 80 degree heat outside (which is at 9AM Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week) the inside of a car will roast to 99 degrees in just 10 minutes! What if you are in line? It ends up not being such a quick errand. Within 1 hour, the inside of your car is 123 degrees. Remember to check your backseat, even in the morning this week.


The hottest day thus far this year will be Wednesday where it should top out near 97 and feel more like 105 degrees. Heat advisories most likely will be issued. In fact temperatures along the northeast will be above average until Friday. Your friends in Boston and New York are feeling like 105 as well.


High pressure is bringing the heat, but it is also squashing any storms from developing. It does start to weaken by Wednesday night and that is when daily afternoon Thunderstorms enter the forecast. With the rain, temps start to fall below average through July 4th! It will still be warm enough to head to the beach though, we are just talking the mid 80s.


By the way, if you are trying to cool off in this heat, the water is a nice play to be. However their is a small craft advisory as gusts are expected near 20 knots Monday between 2 and 6PM. Otherwise, enjoy falling off the jet ski in 77 degree weather!