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In bloom....

Posted at 9:40 AM, Mar 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-23 09:58:18-04

Spring brings a plethora of good things to mind such as warmer temperatures, showers and flowers.

Cherry Blossoms1.jpg

Did someone say flowers? Yes, I did....let's talk Cherry Blossoms!

This is usually the time of year people flock to DC from all over the world to see the stunning Cherry Blossoms.

The Cherry Blossoms have six stages they advance through to get to peak bloom. The first stage is the Green Buds. They reached that stage on March 11th. The second stage is Florets Visible. That stage occurred on March 16th. The third stage is Extension of Florets, which happened yesterday, March 22nd. The fourth stage is Peduncle Elongation and the final and 5th stage is Puffy White. This year peak bloom will occur in April rather than March like it did last year. April 2-5 is the peak bloom forecast for 2021.

Cherry Blossom.jpg

Average Peak is usually on or around April 4th. Last year's peak took place on March 20th but the earliest peak was 31 years ago in 1990 on March 15th. The latest peak was 63 years ago in 1958 on April 18th.

Cherry Blossom Stats.jpg

Due to Covid-19, viewing the Cherry Blossoms is virtual for a second year in a row. Virtual or in person, this is an event that everyone needs to experience at least once in this lifetime.

Stay tuned!