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How Are We Doing in the Temperature Department?

Warmer than normal...
Posted at 10:36 AM, Nov 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-21 10:36:29-05

Well... believe it or not, we are almost through the month of November with just 9 more days left. Most can say it has felt warmer than usual during the month of November and that is true! The monthly average high temperature for November is 58.4° and so far we have averaged 65.3°-- that is close to 7° above normal! Looking back at the numbers from November 1st, we only had one day with a high temperature in the 40s (45°) and that was on November 18th. We had five days with temperatures in the 50s and five days with temperatures in the 60s. Surprisingly, there has been nine days with highs in the 70s!

As we take a quick peek at the next six days, there looks to be a slight dip in temperature heading into Tuesday in the wake of a cold front that will move through on Monday. Model guidance is showing temperatures rebounding into Wednesday, with highs in the mid to upper-50s. Thanksgiving and Black Friday are under a week away and temperatures look to trend above normal, in the low to mid-60s!

It will be interesting to see how temperatures range through the month of December! We will have to wait and see!