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Have you taken down your Christmas lights yet?

Wintry weather potential Sunday - Monday...
Posted at 11:20 AM, Jan 12, 2022

If you need to take down your Christmas lights today, temperatures will be more on the seasonal side, in the low to mid-40s with southerly wind gusts, upwards of 20-25 mph this afternoon. Be careful when climbing the ladder to take down your outdoor Christmas decor!


Giving you the green light to take your lights down tomorrow as winds will be less breezy and conditions will be mainly dry with milder than normal temperatures. High pressure builds back in on Friday—increasing out winds out of the northwest, upwards of 30-35 mph at times. This will bring back very cold air to the Mid-Atlantic region as we kick off the weekend. Temperatures will only top out in the mid-20s Saturday afternoon thanks to a colder air mass filtering in. Therefore, taking down your Christmas lights/decorations by Thursday is your best option!

We will be paying very close attention to computer model runs over the next few days as Sunday evening - early Monday morning appears to be our next chance for a snow/ice/rain mixture. It is still too early to determine snow/ice/rain accumulations and the exact placement of this area of low pressure. The exact track of this low pressure system and the temperature profiles at the surface/aloft, will dictate how much snow, ice, or rain we see. As of right now, it appears that areas northwest of I-95 have the better shot of being on the colder side of the storm, which means that snow and a wintry mix is more likely (highlighted in the blue & pink colors). The bulk of the Delmarva peninsula may be on the warmer side of the storm. It all depends on how close the storm is to the coastline.


We will continue to watch the development of this storm over the coming days and iron out the details as model guidance comes into better agreement. As of now, stick with Maryland's Most Accurate Weather Team for the latest updates on this evolving storm.