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Get Ready to Sweat

Temperatures and humidity are on the rise
Posted at 10:46 PM, Jul 26, 2020

Some like it hot... and if it is you, this forecast will put a smile to your face. If it is not you, you'll want to find a room with great AC! Temperatures warm up slightly Monday compared to Sunday... but the humidity will really turn you sticky especially by the late afternoon. Temps will feel like 101 degrees even though we will only work our way to 96 (I say "only", although it is almost 15 degrees warmer than normal).


Tuesday gets even muggier, so although the temperatures remains in the upper 90s, it will feel like 105 degrees!! But wait, there is relief! A cold front moves through the area in the afternoon. First it will bring a round of thunderstorms, some may be severe. The main threat is gusty winds. Behind the front is milder air. Temps fall to the low 90s.