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Get ready to spring forward!

Daylight Saving Time begins this Sunday at 2 AM...
Posted at 7:24 AM, Mar 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-07 07:24:40-05

How do you feel about Daylight Saving Time? Are you ready to spring forward?! Daylight Saving Time officially begins on Sunday at 2 AM and lasts through November 5th. Make sure you turn your clocks forward one hours before heading to bed Saturday night!

Here are some fun facts about Daylight Saving Time:


The last sunrise in Eastern Standard Time on Saturday is 6:24 AM and the sun sets at 6:09 PM.


On Sunday, we shift both the sunrise and sunset time one hour ahead. On Sunday, the sunrise will be at 7:22 AM with a sunset at 7:10 PM.


Enjoy the long, light evenings!

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