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Flower Moon

Posted at 9:53 AM, May 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-07 09:53:56-04

Calling all my moon and sky lovers! Tonight into tomorrow morning is the absolute last chance to see a supermoon this year.

We've already seen the Snow, Worm and Pink supermoons this year.

Now it's time to see the final one.... the The Flower moon, AKA, Milk Moon, Corn Planting Moon and Vesak Festival Moon.

The Flower Moon has appeared full since Tuesday, May 5th but peaked this morning shone opposite the sun at 6:45.

It's called the Flower Moon because like the second part of the saying April Showers bring May flowers, there are plenty of flowers around this month. There have been four supermoons this year and this is the last one of 2020.

Supermoons make the moon appear a little brighter and closer than normal up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than a full moon at its farthest point from Earth.

A supermoon is a stunning sight to see, so don't miss your chance or you'll have to wait until next year!