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Firework Forecast for this Evening

Clear skies leave us with a gorgeous evening...
Posted at 8:31 AM, Jul 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-04 08:31:28-04

BALTIMORE — A fantastic Independence Day is on tap for Maryland thanks to high pressure producing calm and clear conditions throughout the day. Sunshine will be plentiful during the day as we begin to approach the mid to upper 80s this afternoon with very little wind or humidity.


A few clouds do build in during the afternoon and evening time frame but no real threat of rain is expected. This will be great for the many of us going out to see the firework shows that are planned for tonight.


As temperatures only begin to drop into the upper 70s approaching the 10 o'clock hour, forget the sweaters at home. These conditions will follow us into the overnight hours as well. So, if you are planning a late night adventure the weather will be perfect still.