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Fall foliage is my favorite color...
Posted at 7:08 AM, Oct 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-18 09:18:32-04

Happy Fall y'all! It is time to channel the flannel! Currently, western Maryland is at their peak so it is the perfect time to do some leaf-peeping! The illuminating colors of red, orange, yellow on the treetops are nearing their peak in central Maryland! The fall foliage around Baltimore and central Maryland will peak next week!


Temperature, precipitation, and the length of sunlight will determine the color display of the leaves. The plant molecule, known as chlorophyll is responsible for making the leaves appear green to the human eye, as it does not absorb the green wavelength of light from the sun. The transition from summer to autumn will lead to a decline of chlorophyll (which usually masks the pigments of red, orange, yellow, and brown colors). The depletion of chlorophyll will allow these vibrant colors to become more visible. This is triggered by the shorter daylight and longer nighttime hours.
Weather conditions can influence the leaf colors as well. During the season of autumn, dry, warm, sunny days and cool nights are desirable for vibrant color displays. This is because the chlorophyll has time to break down in order for the vibrant pigments to take over. Rainy and windy days will likely shorten the vibrant color display of leaves. These weather conditions can help leaves fall before they have reached their peak color.


Happy Leaf-Peeping!

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