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Excessive heat is replaced with flooding concerns

A Flash Flood Watch is posted for Monday
Posted at 8:30 PM, Jul 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-21 20:30:21-04

For the second day in a row, the thermometer reached triple digits! You have been trying to cool off anyway you can (maybe walking into the Costco refrigerators, or going down the water slide (even getting your hair wet) like me, or stopping to get ice cream at 8PM like my co-anchors). You have been waiting for something to come along and wipe out this sticky, hot, humid weather. It arrives Monday! That's right... relief is just 1 day away! A cold front is on the move.

Monday Temps drop 10 degrees. That takes us back to normal. But there is even more to celebrate. Tuesday's highs are only in the upper 70s!!! That means you can eat your ice cream without it melting all over your hand in 30 seconds! So the cool down is nice, it's down right lovely, but the cold front may bring severe weather with it too. That's not so lovely. Around 4PM thunderstorms will develop and they could bring hail, wind and an isolated tornado. Also, remember how sticky it has been? Well all that moisture is going to pour on us. We could see 1-4 inches of rainfall! Thus a Flash Flood Watch is up from Monday at 3PM to Tuesday 6AM. We go from "check the backseat" for kids in a hot car to "turn around, don't drown" from flooding rain in just a day.