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Elsa is on the move

Posted at 10:06 AM, Jul 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-08 10:33:28-04

Elsa will pass to the south and east of Baltimore this evening into early tomorrow morning.

Tropical Track.jpg

The impacts of Elsa, in the form of rain and wind, will mostly be felt on the Eastern Shore and in Southern MD.

Elsa Impacts.jpg

Also, there is a Marginal risk for severe storms. Tornadoes are par for the course, in regards to landfalling tropical systems. When tropical entities come in contact with land it causes friction, which in turn can cause spin ups, otherwise known as tornadoes.

Marginal Risk.jpg

Heavy rain is expected in Southern MD with 2-3" likely and up to 5" isolated totals are possible.

Future rainfall.jpg

With moderate to heavy rain falling over a few short hours, there is the potential for flash flooding.

Flash Flood Watches go in effect at 5 pm today - 8am Friday west of the bay and go into effect 5pm today - Noon Friday east of the bay.

Flash Flood Watch.jpg

Tropical storm force winds will gust 40+mph. Therefore, Tropical Storm Warnings are already in effect for portions of the Eastern Shore and Southern MD.

Tropical Alerts.jpg

Stay tuned!