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Are you dizzy yet?

Posted at 9:46 AM, Mar 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-08 10:02:09-05

It's still officially winter, so the fact that we have the potential for snow tomorrow morning should come at no surprise.


Remember, it is March and spring, a transition season, is right around the corner, so the wild weather is here to stay for awhile.

First day of Spring.jpg

The first day of spring will be ushered in at 11:33 AM on March 20th, which is 12 days away.

Before the first day of spring, there is Daylight Saving time which arrives this Sunday, March 13th at 2 AM. Please, don't forget to turn your clocks forward one hour before you go to bed Saturday night. This is also a good time to check and change the batteries in your smoke detectors.

Spring Forward.jpg

Unfortunately, by "springing" forward, we lose an hour of sleep. The bright side is (pun intended) there will be more light in the evening as the days are getting longer.

Stay tuned!