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Cold and Snow?

Posted at 10:55 AM, Nov 30, 2017

I wrote a blog on October 18, 2017 asking "Where is the cold?"

We had a shot of cold air the second week and weekend in November and it looks like another shot will swing in next week and an even colder shot of cold air will arrive by the second week in December!

Many people have been asking about the cold, hence the October 18th blog, but they have also been asking: When will we get some snow?

There are a couple of changes in the near future. A storm will develop over the Plains and trek toward the Upper Midwest later this weekend into the beginning of next week. The colder air will push eastward but not very quickly. It may take some time for the mild air to be swept out of the Mid-Atlantic. Which in turn, will limit snowfall along the Northeast Interstate 95 corridor for the middle of the week, as a weak storm may show itself Wednesday into Friday.

Even if we don't get any rain or snow, with the cold air already in place there is a chance that a storm may travel in from the Tennessee Valley and Ohio valleys the following week. It looks as though winter is on track to rear it's ugly or pretty head (depending upon how you look at it) as we move into the month of December.

Stay tuned!