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Breezy conditions make it feel 10-15 degrees cooler

Winds 10-20 mph
Posted at 10:42 PM, Jan 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-17 22:43:02-05

Did you notice the winds on Sunday? Maybe it blew a few more leaves from your neighbors yard into yours. Well, guess what... the breeze continues into Monday. The wind gusts we felt on Sunday will be the same strength on MLK Day, and that will make it feel 10 degrees below normal! Here's the deal, the jet stream is right over us. Winds aloft are 70 mph, so as it makes its way to the surface we could see them sustained at 20 mph with gusts near 25 mph.


The jet stream also is keeping us in the warm sector now. It rises in response to warm air. Temperatures technically on Monday will be above average in the mid 40s. About 5 degrees warmer than normal under mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies. It's not going to feel that toasty though.


At 7AM, the winds are about 5 MPH. The temperatures still feel about 3 degrees cooler that what they actually are. The breezy is expected to begin around 9AM. It's not a damaging wind, just bothersome when you have to be outside, like to walk to your car. By 12PM, it only feels like the 30s, instead of the mid 40s that the thermometer reads. It is going to be a great week to wash your car though. No rain is in sight for the next 7 days!