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Breaking down the hot setup later this week

Starting off August on the hot side, but why is that...
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Posted at 11:42 PM, Jul 31, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-31 23:42:31-04

BALTIMORE — After a much needed break from the heat, the Mid-Atlantic is poised to get another stretch of hot and muggy weather.

We start to see our temperatures slowly creep back into the 90s thanks to high pressure building into our area as the Bermuda High begins to strengthen over the eastern seaboard. It slowly begins to set in on Tuesday but a weak cold front helps temperatures from building in too quickly. Once that clears through the state the race for high heat is back on.

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The southerly flow from the Bermuda High will be aided by a small but slow moving system that moves through the Ohio Valley. This will pair up to create a more southwesterly flow on Thursday bringing in much more hot and humid air. This will boost our heat indices into the mid 90s for a bit before we jump right into the triple digits on Thursday.

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Despite the cold front slowly pushing through, the heat index does not drop into the low 90s until Saturday once the drier air moves in and the showers on Friday help cool us down.

With the heat index being that hot again, it is always important to be sure to stay hydrated and cool as much as possible during the day. Heat illness can strike anyone and can cause serious health issues. Be sure to check up on those that are most vulnerable to the heat, such as the elderly, during that time.